Start Your New Year’s Resolution Today – Weight Loss and Belly Dancing

Start your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, increase your mental and physical fitness, and better your health today. Why are you waiting for New Year’s Day to begin sculpting a new mind and body?

The commitment to mold a new you starts on the day that you make a firm commitment to do so.

Pleasure-seeking Eating

During the months of October, November, December, and January Americans tend to overeat larger amounts of delightful foods and beverages which give them extra pleasurable satisfaction. There are 25 days during these four months when we eat just for the sake of eating. Overindulging is the behavior which adds those extra unwanted pounds.

The second problem is not participating in our daily exercise program. Some of us will actually take a vacation during these special holiday celebrations. The average weight gain is 5-10 pounds and depending on your nutritional habits and exercise program it will take a few weeks or months to regain the desired waistline measurement.

Exercise and Diet

The months of January, February, March, April, and part of May (4 ½ months) has our thinking and our body consumed with exercise and dieting.

The first 5 months of the year many are motivated by the outcome of having a physical body look attractive in a swimsuit. Many swimsuits are very revealing and we feel very uncomfortable when not meeting our fitness.

During the months of May, June, July, and August we are active with outdoor activities and eating lighter and leaner foods. We may or may not continue our regular exercise program during these months because of the activity level and the fun activities with our friends and families. The summer lifestyle appears to keep our weight and fitness as we like it.

After the summer season we seemingly start the battle of the bulge once again.

It becomes critical for our personal well-being and health that we have a lifestyle exercise program combined with proper nutrition in order to maintain favorable weight and acquire physical attraction goals year-round.

I recommend belly dancing. Why?

Eating habits will change because of receiving compliments for weight loss or figure changes from people or the wall mirror hanging in the dance or home studio. The reflection in the mirror is a constant reminder of accomplishments. The constant image reminder from people and the mirror will continue to inspire activities and nutrition to maintain our desired appearance.