Battle the Budge With Non-Invasive Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery in India

Experts have dwelled on the fact that obesity is on an all-time rise, especially among women. Many consider even undergoing bariatric surgery when exercise and diet fail to work. But now, people have another non-invasive procedure that can help them lose weight.

Silicone balloon implants or gastric balloon surgery in India is a simple procedure that brings about substantial weight loss without any physiological changes in the body or surgery. By employing this procedure, obese individuals, especially women are aiming to gain control over their appetite and also lose weight in a couple of months.

Non-surgical weight loss procedure in India

The perfect middle ground between surgery and dieting is a gastric balloon. The procedure will provide much more weight-loss compared to any strict diet plan; however, unlike surgery, you won’t have to worry about any permanent body scarring, marks, or modifications to the physiology of the body.

A gastric balloon is designed to fill one’s stomach partially, giving a feeling of fullness. It imparts a feeling of fullness, resulting in a dip in appetite and ultimately leading to a weight loss of about 20-30% in just a few months.

Using an endoscope, the balloon is placed in the stomach. It is then inflated. This procedure is also known to provide results in a short span of time. The balloon only stays in the stomach for a span of 6 to 12 months, and taken out once the desired weight loss target is achieved.

Additionally, this procedure is done on an out-patient basis, meaning that the entire procedure is completed in a span of two hours, and the patient can return home the same day. In addition to these advantages, gastric balloon procedures are significantly more economical compared with most surgical weight loss procedures

Candidate for gastric balloon in India

Patients who are overweight and with obesity grade I or II are the most appropriate patients to have this treatment. The gastric balloon is advised for patients with BMI (Body Mass Index) in excess of 35, and for patients with BMI in excess of 30 to 34.9 with moderate health risks related to obesity.

Some patients who have tried diets but with no success or what’s worse, they endured the “rebound effect” and now they weigh more than what they weighed before beginning the diet, not to mention how it can affect all these raw weight changes in health. This procedure is also advised for people who should not gain weight as it can be detrimental to their health, they may have metabolic disorders or heart risks. They can also include people who are overweight who are unable to have complex operations as it can turn into a dangerous one.

Women or young girls who are planning to lose weight before marriage make a sizable number of patients who choose to undergo this procedure. This is because of the procedure is non-surgical and reversible.

Gastric balloon in India has the advantages of offering a non-surgical reversible weight loss option which can help you develop new and healthy eating habits that can be sustained for a long period of time.