Thinking About An Infrared Sauna?

What is an infrared sauna and how does it work? Firstly the main appeal for me in regards to a sauna is the health benefits. I mean who wants to sit in an oven for nothing? So how does the infrared sauna differ from the traditional sauna? Firstly it does not feel like an oven, the infrared sauna uses and infrared heater it does not use wood or electric stoves.

This heater heats the occupants not the surroundings. The infrared heater uses far infrared light. Far Infrared light emits far infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is known as heat. Infrared light form the sun accounts for around 50% of the heat on our planet. The infrared radiation or better known as heat is safe and beneficial

So once again the difference between the traditional sauna and the infrared Sauna is that the sauna itself is not hot. Those in the sauna will get hot as they absorb the infrared light. This infrared light penetrates the skin to debt of up to an inch and a half hence giving it the ability to stimulate and heal tissue.

Seemingly it can do this to a greater extent than the traditional sauna. In actual fact proponents of the infrared sauna say it will even make you sweat more than a conventional sauna. Learn more about the infrared sauna and it s health benefits.