Take Care of Your Feet. A Pedicure How To

Give Yourself A Pedicure

Tis the season and many of us, or I should say most of us are stressed. So take a little time out and give yourself a pedicure. Save money for those presents and don’t spend tons at the nail salon, do it at home. If your not sure where to start I’ll do a little how to guide.

1. Get all the tools together that you will need. Here’s the list:

Nail Polish remover

Basin filled with warm water to soak your feet

Epsom salt or buy a special product such as my favorite which is a peppermint foot soak.

Toe nail clipper and for really hard nails a heavy duty nail nipper.

Looks like sharp pliers. It’s a good tool to have for your toe nails.

Nail file

Cuticle moisturizer (optional)

Cotton balls or toe separator

Base coat

Nail polish

top coat

Foot pumice


2. Remove any nail polish that you might have on. Make sure especially if it’s clear polish that it’s all gone. If not you won’t be able to take the of the nails as thoroughly with the nail polish still covering it.

3. Add epsom salt or store bought product to warm water and soak your feet at least 10-15 minutes. The longer the better especially if your feet are hard and rough on the bottom.

4. Clip toenails with clipper or nipper. Then smooth them with nail file. Also gently push back cuticles and use a cuticle moisterizer if they are still hard.

5. If you have rough feet, use a special scraper to remove dead skin. Or the foot pumice to help get those feet nice and smooth.

6. Dry feet and toes thoroughly and using the buffer, buff your toenails to a healthy shine.

7. Apply base coat and wait for it to dry completely. Next the nail polish and finally the top coat. Don’t forget the cotton or toe separator. Also be sure to wait at least an hour before putting on shoes so you don’t mess up your new toes.

This should be a fun relaxing thing to do for yourself, so put aside some you time and do this for yourself. Or get that significant other to do it for you. Either way it should be a wonderful moment. Have Fun.