Trilastin Review

If you are looking into stretch mark products and the various ways to prevent and rid stretch marks from your life you may want to look into a new creme formula called Trilastin.

Trilastin first began gaining popularity after being demonstrated on the popular Tyra Banks show, generally not a common practice for products only being sold online. This is what first made me stand up and take notice and make an attempt to find out for myself what Trilastin was all about.

Basically there are a few things you want from a stretch mark removal cream. First it will be handy to give you a quick overview of exactly what a stretch mark is to allow you to notice how Trilastin works to prevent them.

Basically a stretch mark is a tear in the underlying tissue of the skin that causes an effect on the outer layers that results in an ‘orange peel’ look with dimples and discolouration of either white, red, or purple.

The common causes of stretch marks to which cremes like Trilastin are usually applied are from massive weight gain or loss, pregnancy or growing pains such as in adolescents.

Because the cause of a stretch mark is the underlying tissue and not surface tissue, they have always been a difficult thing to remove despite the fact that they can be embarrassing, annoying and cause self conciousnessness particularly amongst women.

This was all before cremes like the new Trilastin. Basically Trilastin is a formula that contains active ingredients that in fact penetrate the skin and actively work to repair damaged skin cells that cause the stretch marks.

Not only that but Trilastin appears to do it in a particularly effective way, using ingredients already found in lively healthful skin such as elastin and collagen. One example of which is Soy protein which contains 10 essential amino acids that work to create new skin cells and promote the development of newer more vibrant skin cells.

The big questions that we wanted to know are?

Does Trilastin work?

While results seem to vary, most users claim to see noticeable differences in stretch mark appearance within just 3-4 weeks while within 2-3 months stretch marks are more or less gone completely.

Are the results of Trilastin lasting?

Because Trilastin works on the internal repair of dead skin cells the results are said to last even after discontinued use of the creme itself. The only exception would be if after use were to cease, large weight gain or loss occurred again in which case application of Trilastin would need to continue.

Are there any side effects?

Trilastin has no side effects as it is formulated from all natural ingredients and works with your bodys own existing proteins to repair skin cells internally.

Will it work for all skin types?

Again because it works with your bodys own available resources and is based on natural ingredients, Trilastin can produce results for stretch marks occurring on any skin type.

How long will it take to see results?

Various testimonials indicate that visible results can be noticed from Trilastin within as little as 3 weeks but permanent results are likely to take up to 3-4 months to take full effect.

In conclusion it does appear for various reasons that Trilastin is an effective and affordable method for removing stretch marks and improving your skin tone. With so much talk of plastic surgery nowadays it is great to see more safe and natural alternatives to common beauty problems arising.