The Problem Of Cystic Acne

While most forms of acne are merely troublesome and at times embarrassing, there are more severe forms of acne that can lead to scarring and pitting of the skin. One of the most severe forms that acne can take is known as cystic acne, and it is important that this serious condition be treated at once.

As the name implies, cystic acne is characterized by the appearance of pus filled cysts, and these cysts can easily lead to scarring and other serious complications. In most cases of cystic acne the cyst can appear similar to an acne nodule, but it will be filled with pus, and the diameter of the cyst is generally at least 5 millimeters across.

In addition to being unsightly, these cysts can be quite painful, and they can lead to serious scarring. For those who suffer from cystic acne it is important never to squeeze the acne cyst, since doing so could cause the infection to go deeper. This deep infection could in turn cause a much more painful inflammation, and cause a much longer healing time than if the cyst had been left alone to heal on its own.

Those acne sufferers who think they are suffering from this painful and serious form of acne should be checked out thoroughly by a qualified dermatologist. A good dermatologist will be able to look at the acne and tell what type it is, and he or she will also be able to recommend the products that will be most effective at treating that type of acne and making sure it does not return.

There are of course a number of over the counter products designed to treat all kinds of acne, and some of them can be quite effective at treating even the most severe forms of acne. When those over the counter products are not enough, however, there are a number of prescription acne treatments that may be appropriate for severe acne. Again, it is important to consult with your health care professional in order to find the best acne treatment products for your own skin type and type of acne.