The Rising Trend of Metropolitan Lifestyle – Late Pregnancy Symptoms Are a Subject of Concern

With the advent of the new modern metropolitan lifestyle of giving more importance to career is leading to a matter of serious medical attention as many working women are facing the problems of Late pregnancy symptoms in their late 30’s. The complications and side effects involved with getting pregnant late in your life are that you will have some permanent effects and pregnancy signs on your body.

According to medical science, an ideal age to give child birth for an average Female is during her early twenties (20-24 to be precise), during these years, the female body is extremely fertile and is capable of giving birth to a very healthy child. But survey studies done by many renowned research bodies indicate that there is a growing trend among the women of city and sub urban areas to have late pregnancy. Late pregnancy symptoms can also take place in some special events like late start to marital life, financial instability to raise a child and other specific reasons. In modern times one might even get to see a 40 year old pregnant lady in the city streets. The prime reason for late pregnancy is believed to be the career oriented approach to life of these modern women.

It has been a common question as to whether there are any specific pregnancy signs if one has a late pregnancy that indicate the upcoming complications one might suffer and are there any permanent damages. Well, Although it is difficult to determine by just appearance but some common establish medical facts such as the ones stated below, indicate that a woman should avoid getting pregnant late in her life.

  • Among late pregnancy symptoms, a major observation is the prolonged conceive time (sometimes even up to 12 months).
  • A major chance that you may get a miscarriage.
  • Number of fibroid problems can arise.
  • In case of diabetes and blood pressure problems, the baby has less chance to survive.

Among various medical researchers, one fact has been established with strong foundations that in case of pregnancy, there are more chances of the baby surviving if a Caesarean section is used for delivery. Pregnancy signs also indicate that the women in late pregnancy cases feel morning sickness and nausea on a more regular basis than the ones who have babies in their twenties.

One major factor that must be realized by a woman planning on pregnancy is the fact the as she is getting older, so are her parents or in-laws and with the upcoming baby, there is a chance that the nursing burden may get doubled in case of parents’ sickness and other health problems.

All in all, it is perfectly your own decision based on your feeling about your body’s soundness and sometimes pregnancy can turn out even good for you if you have accomplished your corporate goals and are willing to devote utmost attention and time for your upcoming baby. In case of late pregnancy symptoms you are advised to have an instant pregnancy test from your local doctor and get all the necessary dietary instructions to keep your baby healthy.