Secrets To Conceiving A Girl

Modern scientists and doctors claim that there is no natural way to pre-determine the gender of a fetus. However, perform a little research and there are literally thousands of people claiming to have insight into conceiving a certain gender. Instances of influencing the gender of a baby are found in nearly every culture around the world. For those couples that seek help in conceiving a girl, there is some old wives tales and traditional methods that have been proven to have a scientific foundation. Although following this advice doesn’t guarantee a couple to conceive the gender of their choice, it is thought that the parents have greater control than modern medicine would claim.

Getting Pregnant

The basics of getting pregnant are universal. The woman ovulates each month following a fairly predictable schedule and once the egg is released it waits to be fertilized. If the egg is fertilized with an X-chromosome sperm the child will be born female, whereas a Y-chromosome sperm will produce a male child. The secret lies in the strategies and tips couples can follow to greatly increase the likelihood of successfully conceiving a girl.

Conceiving a Girl Secrets

• Y-chromosome sperm are finicky; these male producing sperm are only viable for a short amount of time in comparison to the X-chromosome sperm. The boy sperm prefers cooler temperatures in the male’s reproductive tract and also prefers a less acidic environment in the female’s reproductive tract. Couples can utilize this information to make small changes that will greatly reduce the number of Y-chromosome sperm that reach the egg. Males should consider having a warm bath or a dip in a hot tub immediately before intercourse and females should eat a diet rich in acidic foods for a few weeks and should avoid climaxing during intercourse if they are interested in conceiving a girl.

• X-chromosome sperm are endurance swimmers while Y-chromosome sperm are sprinters. Though both types of sperm are released at the same time, the boy sperm travels more quickly and can reach the unfertilized egg well before the girl sperm. In order to increase your chances of conceiving a girl, it is important to monitor your ovulation cycle and only have sexual intercourse the 2-4 days prior to ovulation – not during. This time gap will allow the boy sperm to exhaust themselves before the egg becomes available leaving the girl sperm to fertilize the egg.

• Choose your sex positions carefully. Since Y sperm travel more quickly than X sperm, deep penetration positions may decrease your chances of conceiving a girl since it places the boy sperm closer to the unfertilized egg. Utilize shallow penetration positions to allow the X sperm more time to reach the egg.

Increasing Your Odds of Conceiving a Girl

Following all of the above information and combining the techniques and strategies suggested will culminate to greatly increase a couple’s chances of conceiving a girl. All of the presented information is backed with scientific research and is safe to follow. All you need is the right knowledge, restraint, and timing to increase your chances of conceiving a girl.