Is Natural Gender Selection Right For You?

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your new family, or are trying to add another child to the set, you must have taken the time to consider what you are hoping for. A girl or a boy? Of course the child being born healthy is the paramount concern, and every parent will tell you that. In actuality though, most parents are secretly are wishing for the little boy or girl they’ve always dreamed of. So what is the best way to ensure you conceive the gender you desire? Luckily, there are a number of proven techniques that can help you in this matter.

The concept of actually controlling whether you can have a girl or boy began over 50 years ago. In 1960, Dr. Landrum Shettles, widely considered the father natural gender selection, published a book named, Ovum Humanum.

Shettles states in the book that since the X-chromosome and the Y-chromosome possessed different qualities, then they should be able to be isolated. Shettles theorized that through controlled management of sexual positions, strict diet, and precise timing of sex, the gender outcome can be determined by the parents. Over the years, this information has been transformed into a simple methods which are easy to understand and perform.

The Shettles technique has shown to be incredibly accurate. When done properly, the success rate of having the gender you wanted is nearly 95%. This means that if you prefer a little boy or girl, you can now have the family you’ve always dreamed of!

Natural gender selection has a number of benefits. To begin with, it is extremely affordable. You may choose to purchase instructional materials and some supplies to help you measure your progress, but outside of that, it is completely free. It will always be significantly less expensive than clinical methods, which can load a family with financial burden.

In addition to the low costs, natural gender selection also affords you the luxury of being able to do this in your own home. The birth will be completely natural and on your own terms.

Precision is key to the Shettles Method. That is why experts suggest that it should be fully understood before any potential parent attempts is. Fortunately, there are many resources out there to help you plan out the proper way of implementing this. Why not take the time to look into the right program to assist you? The sooner you become informed, the sooner you can welcome a new addition to your family!