5 Medela Breast Pump Accessories You Must Have

Medela breast pump accessories are essential purchases for a new mom dealing with breastfeeding for the first time. But they’re also valued by experienced mothers who find that the accessories are an effective and affordable way of providing their baby with the benefits of natural mother’s milk.

Due to the materials they’re made of and to their innovative design and shape, Medela accessories are listed among the most reliable and professional ones on the market, being recommended not only by moms but also by pediatricians and gynecologists.

Having some extra Medela breast pump accessories always on hand is the best strategy for reducing the time needed for pumping the milk, cleaning all the pump’s parts and storing the liquid before feeding your little one. So here are the five breast pump components you shouldn’t do without:

1. Breast shields

Cleaning the breast shield after each use and sterilizing it is quite time-consuming so it’s better to have some extra shields ready to be attached to the pump whenever you need to feed the baby or pump the milk. The parts are made of soft silicon which guarantees a gentle touch and they have a very comfortable shape to accommodate any breast anatomy. Still, make sure you get the right size as these aren’t one size fits all.

2. Extra bottles for storing breast milk

Next on the list of “must have” Medela breast pump accessories are the extra bottles for storing milk after pumping it. These are also available in different sizes so try to purchase a larger and a smaller one. Your baby’s appetite will change very quickly so you need to have larger bottles available. Don’t worry about having to replace them too often: all the pieces are made of resistant polypropylene and are perfectly hygienic and safe.

3. Connectors

The PersonalFit Connectors from Medela are also extremely important as they’re used together with the breast shields each time you need to pump the milk. Having some extra pieces always clean and ready to use saves lots of time, but please note that just like the shields, the connectors have to be sterilized before using them for the first time.

4. Extra membranes and valves

Membranes and valves are sold together with the pump or separately in kits containing different Medela breast pump accessories. Regardless of the package you choose, you’ll get high quality, resistant tools, sterilized for safe use and featuring an intelligent design for quick mounting and easy handling.

Membranes are available in two models, one featuring an offset mount while the other features a centered mount. Both are equally efficient, perfectly compatible with the yellow valves and guaranteed to ensure a pleasant experience while pumping.

5. Cleaning wipes with anti-bacterial properties

Last on the list of “must have” accessories are the alcohol-free, bleach-free cleaning wipes created for fast disinfection of the pump’s components, whether referring to breast shields, valves or membranes.

Delicate for the skin and scent-free, these wipes can also be used for cleaning the changing table as they work perfectly on all non-porous surfaces without requiring additional washing or soaping.