Common Cheerleading Injuries

Cheerleading is considered as a sports activity. It involves different physical movements that are both moderate and vigorous. However, it is a fact that cheerleading is not the safest sport that your children can enjoy. There are a lot of risks of getting injuries. In this article, some of the most common cheerleading injuries will be discussed.

Strains and sprains are considered very common for people who are doing cheerleading. Since a lot of movements are very rough and sudden, it is not impossible for the muscles and the nerves to twitch from time to time. Therefore, a cheerleader should be careful when doing routines and stunts. Some of the body parts that become very vulnerable to strains and sprains include the knee, wrist and the neck.

Back injuries are also very common in cheerleading. A lot of stunts involve tumbling and rotating. As a result, a lot of these movements put stress on the back specifically the lower back region. It is also the back are that supports and maintains balance. In many cases, the back injuries are only mild and they do not need drastic treatments. However, there are also cases when the spine is affected. When the spine gets involved, it is important to get treatment immediately to avoid serious health conditions.

Head injuries are also included in the most common cheerleading injuries. This sport involves a lot of stunts. The stunts are not easy to do and they are that safe. This places risks on having head injuries by getting the head bump into something hard and forceful. Concussions can be very dangerous such that they can affect the brain or damage the skull.

Aside from the back and the head, there is also a huge chance that your shoulders will encounter injuries when you do cheerleading. In a lot of formations, people sometimes have to carry someone on their shoulders to create a pyramid. If too much stress is put on the shoulders, this can lead to muscle and bone damage. Before you allow people to stand on your shoulder, make sure that your body can accommodate the weight.

What can be done to prevent cheerleading injuries? The best way is to restrict the stunts depending on what the members can handle. If the stunts are too dangerous, they should be changed to easier ones. It is also very important to provide protective equipment and materials around the practice and performance area. Padded mats will be very helpful in protecting the cheerleaders from getting injured in case they fall or a stunt fails.

Cheerleading is a very exciting sport. However, you need to do it safely and carefully. Make sure to train your body well before you do some of the stunts.