Can You Break Muscles?

You cannot literally break or snap your muscles in half but you can have a muscle injury. This usually happens when you stretch past the limit of their elasticity. When you exercise, you an exert too much effort. This causes your muscles to have small tears. This is no cause for worry. Your muscles have regenerating and rebuilding capabilities. A regenerated muscle is often stronger.

What is a Torn Muscle?

If you are experiencing muscle pain, never disregard it as simply being tired after some hard work. A mild torn muscle is often mistaken as simple sore body. This is similar to a “stained ” or a “pulled muscle.” Your muscles tear when muscle fibers tear. This happens when too much stress is placed on the muscles when lifting things and by stretching repeatedly during exercise. Muscle tears occur anywhere near where the muscles attach to the tendon. The more fibers torn in your muscles, the worse the muscle tear.

It is easy to recognize a muscle tear. You will often feel pain and tightening of your muscles. To differentiate a muscle tear from a simple soar body, do this self-check:

· Muscle tears are isolated. They occur on a specific part. You should be able to specifically pinpoint the location of the muscle tear by prodding and poking on the painful part of your body.

· This condition may occur instantly after too much pressure. You do not overwork today and wake up tomorrow with a torn muscle.

· Make sure you do not mistake a torn for strain or sore muscle.

Treating Torn Muscles

Once you detect this condition, stop whatever you are doing and apply ice on the affected area. If you continue to exercise, the number of the torn fibers will increase and the injury will be more severe. You can also bandage the affected area to apply compression. IN the following days, apply ice on your torn muscle for about 15 minutes, at least four times a day. Maker you’re your injury has completely healed before exercising again. Exercising before your torn muscle has completely healed will turn your torn muscle into a chronic problem.

Preventing a Torn Muscle

To avoid having a this, do stretching exercise before engaging in strenuous activities. A lot of injuries have been caused because of not warming up. If it is the first time you are engaging in a strenuous activity, take is slow and easy. If you have been doing strenuous activities but have not done so for quite some time, take it easy and slow the first time, too. Your muscles might no longer be used to the pressure and may be over-exerted.