Try Yoga for Better Sex

Good sex is always good, but better sex is even better – and so it’s no wonder that men are always looking for ways to obtain even better sex. Paying attention to penis health is one way, of course, but there are some other options that are less obviously geared toward the penis. For example, practicing yoga can be one path to better sex for many men (and women, for that matter).

Some key benefits

Yoga, as most people know, is a group of physical and mental exercises with a spiritual base in Hinduism. In the United States, most people tend to partake primarily of the physical aspect of yoga, in the form of yoga classes that emphasize the attainment of specific key poses. There are various kinds of yoga, as well as various levels (beginner, intermediate, etc.).

For men interested in better sex, there are some specific benefits that can be gained from practicing yoga, including:

– Improving flexibility. When the body’s muscles are tight and stiff, they lack the limberness that can enhance sexual physicality.

– Building strength. Many sex positions require that men possess significant arm and/or upper body strength, which yoga classes can assist in developing.

– Working on the spine. Think for a moment about the various contortions that the back goes through in a typical bout of sexual activity. Many yoga poses are excellent at increasing strength and mobility of the spine.

– Reducing stress. Tension and stress can be deadly to a person’s sex life. Being able to release stress and relax improves one’s sex life tremendously.


Although yoga in general can be a boost in one’s search for better sex, the following are among the many positions that can provide specific sex benefits. These include:

– Plank. For beginners, this can be challenging, but it works on the abs, core, spine, shoulders, and lower back, all of which come into play during sex. For the plank, a person takes a modified push-up pose, with weight on the balls of the feet and arms straightening. (Some perform the plank with their forearms straight out on the floor and with one’s weight on the elbows.)

– The dogs. Downward facing dog works on arm strength and lengthening the spine. Upward dog works the abs and arms and helps improve flexibility in the lower back. Downward facing dog causes the body to resemble a triangle. With upward dog, only hands and feet are touching the ground.

– Bridge. The hips, thighs, abs, and glutes feel the burn during the bridge pose, in which one lies on one’s back, knees bent, and lifts the buttocks and lower back off the ground.

– Butterfly. Usually easier for women than for men, the butterfly stretches the crotch appreciably. Those who believe in the tantric aspects of yoga point to the butterfly as an excellent way to keep sexual channels open and operating well. The pose involves sitting with the soles of the feet pressed together and trying to press the knees close to the floor.

Note: It is best to attempt these and other yoga positions with a yoga instructor, rather than risk injury by trying them oneself. The descriptions above do not give a complete understanding of how to achieve the poses.

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