STOPOLIO – Stop Transmission of Polio

The message is meant for all, from medical staff to the public. Our country can be Polio free by active participation of all the Staff from medical, paramedical, government and public sectors.

The entire team can play a pivotal role in the polio eradication program. The team needs to be motivated to carry out polio campaigns on a regular basis. To give the campaign good mileage, every employee who is given the responsibility should be provided with sufficient vaccine kits. They can organize camps all across their area at different public places like community halls, malls, schools, different assemblies, railway stations, bus stands etc. Specifically the employees who are working in rural areas need to be encouraged to carry on the campaign vigorously to spread the awareness. As rural areas are the most effected zones.

To motivate the team to work with zeal, there should be recognition and reward. This will boost them to perform better and successfully.

Even a single staff can handle around 100 to 200 children in a day camp. The medication is oral and not through injections. So not too many staff members are required for a campaign.

Healthcare groups are working towards wiping out polio throughout the world, and a healthy result is also been observed. Still in several countries this virus is a threat. If immunization is not given to all, it could spread from person to person. This incident is not rare. Few countries of Africa and Asia have already experienced the catastrophe of spreading of viruses. So until it has been eliminated completely worldwide, it’s important to continue vaccinating children against polio.

There should be awareness programs on the deadly effect of the polio virus and how to eradicate it through scheduled immunization in the community. A proper planning and strategies need to be chalked and mapped to see that every child is attended for the immunization. It can be clubbed with other health initiatives. The campaign can be made more successful by juxtaposing with other similar healthcare programs. It can act as a value addition to the current campaign. Suppose if along with polio vaccine, vitamin D vaccine is given to the children, it can be beneficial to them. Because vitamin D vaccine can boost up the immunity.

The world can be completely freed from the threat of polio – with everyone’s commitment, from parents, government workers, political leaders to the international communities. Today it is the communities’ responsibility to come forward and make the world Polio free.

Help to eradicate Polio.