De-Stressing Fibromyalgia

I was fortunate enough to receive a gift certificate for a massage at a nearby spa for my birthday from my daughter. Actually, the gift certificate was enough for almost three massages.

I was very apprehensive in scheduling my appointment, because I’m a very private person and the fact that I have fibromyalgia and the mere thought of someone rubbing on my muscles didn’t appeal to me what so ever.

My appointment day had finally arrived. I went to the receptionist and checked in..(I was secretly hoping that they had forgotten to write my appointment down so that I wouldn’t have to go through with this). A young lady came out and escorted me through double doors. When I walked through the double doors, I was met with dimmed lights, soft music and the sound of ocean waves. The room smelled of a combination of lavender and whatever that calming scent was. Voices were whispering softly. I was gently asked if I would like a beverage and was then led to where I would change into a robe and sanitized flip flops. I was feeling very vulnerable and naked, but as I sat and waited for the massage therapist, I sipped on my water and relaxed on the plush couch with my feet up.

The massage therapist came out and introduced herself as Jen, shook my hand and led me into another room. She proceeded to ask me questions about how I felt, how much pain I was experiencing, what my stress level was and assured me that she had worked on other clients with fibromyalgia and arthritis, so she was well aware of my reluctance.

She left the room while I removed my robe and hoisted myself up on my stomach on to this narrow massage table. She re-entered the room and covered me up with warm blankets and a heating pad, put something under my legs to boost them up and proceeded to rub a lavender scented oil on my neck and back, while I released the stress and listened to the soft music and ocean waves in the background.

She gently massaged my back and lower back and worked her way up to my neck and shoulders. She worked on the tiny knots that had taken up residence in my neck area. She rubbed, stretched and kneaded that area, pausing every now and then to ask if the pressure was too much. It was very painful, but she recommended that I take deep breaths to get through the torture. The massage was supposed to be a 50 minute, full body massage, but she spent the entire 50 minutes on my neck, shoulders and back.

When we were through, she advised me to drink lots of water to rid the toxins from my body. She also advised me to make a massage part of my routine about every two or three weeks and adding more water to my diet would relieve the stress on my muscles.

I have to say that the days after my massage were more relaxed. My neck moves with more flexibility and range of motion. My muscles don’t feel as stressed and stiff as normal and I am experiencing less pain.

If fibromyalgia has claimed your body, there are things you can do to relieve the pain, increase mental clarity, have a more positive outlook and improve overall body functions.

Drink lots of water… 8-10 glasses of water every day

Eat fruits and vegetables… stay away from processed foods.

Exercise..a little bit goes a long ways.

Get a massage… once a month or more if you can.

The benefits of a massage are endless, they are not just for the rich and famous. Massage benefits the entire body, mind and spirit. I made another appointment in three weeks and I can’t wait.