Compelling Reasons to Add MedAdvisor to Your Daily Routine

Being on medication can be annoying, especially if you need to take them several times a day for multiple days. Some are even under maintenance, and we don’t understand how they can do it for the rest of their lives without forgetting. However, that’s not the case all the time. Some may even accidentally skip them for a day, and it can produce adverse effects. So if you’re one of these people and you need help with your medicines, consider My Medadvisor. It’s the kind of software that you can download on your smartphone to help you with your medication.

MedAdvisor is a trusted software by over 2 million Australians, and for a good reason. Those who have scripts to fill up and are on constant medication should have this because it makes life easier and better. But what are the other reasons to use MedAdvisor? Let’s find out here.

Be Reminded to Take Your Medicines

The number one reason to use MedAdvisor is that you will never forget about taking your medicines again. It has a feature, which you can set, to remind you when it’s time to take them. You won’t have to skip ever again knowing that you have an alarm or an automated reminder to let you know when it’s time. Furthermore, it’s ideal for carers who are taking care of their patients, the elderly, or kids. The best part is you can manage it all under one account! It makes work and life easy and manageable.

A Helping Hand for Pharmacies

MedAdvisor is not only software made for patients but for pharmacies too. Once you integrate with MedAdvisor, you can instantly give your customers a better experience because it lets them order their prescriptions any time of the day. Just invite them to subscribe, and you can watch your business thrive and survive. Plus, research has shown that 97% of MedAdvisor customers are loyal to their pharmacy. And you can make this happen to you too. Additionally, you can stay in touch with them through the in-app message or email them directly one by one or by group through the available filters.

Improve Adherence for Pharmaceutical Companies

There are three significant factors to poor adherence, and these are when patients run out of medications, forget to take them, and when patients don’t understand the importance of taking medications. These can affect your business drastically, and MedAdvisor can help. When you use MedAdvisor, you can improve adherence by 20%, which results in an increased repeat of prescription requests. Plus, it’s proven that MedAdvisor can also improve persistence, which drives further value. Apart from that, it can enhance the patient experience, which makes them more loyal to your brand.


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