Improve Your Vision Health With This Effective Principle Of The Subconscious Mind

Mindset is an essential aspect of your eye exercise program to improve your vision naturally. If you are familiar with the principles that govern the workings of the subconscious mind, then, chances are that you are aware of the fact that your thoughts do have a creative effect on your reality. Another point that should also be taken into account is the fact that your thoughts also have an effect on the health of your body. Therefore, you can use these principles in the healing of the visual system for better vision health. One of the major issues that people are concerned about in terms of maintaining a positive mindset is the fact that they are struggling with challenges that are associated with removing negative thoughts from the conscious mind. These obstacles often end up reducing their chances for success in creating their positive reality. Therefore, if you are interested in this subject chances are you may be wondering whether or not there is a subconscious principle that you can put into practice that can make your efforts at creating a positive reality more effective. So that you can reduce or eliminate the mental roadblocks that hinder your progress in achieving such an objective. Therefore, here is some information concerning this matter:

What exactly is a Psychological Moment? A psychological moment is a principle of the subconscious mind that states the following: When you repeat positive statements or affirmations you should repeat these statements at 2 particular key times of the day for the best results with your goals. These 2 key times of the day are immediately before you go to bed and also immediately upon waking up from sleep.

The question is why you should repeat positive statements at these key times and why are they more effective at these particular periods of the day? In response to this question this is due to the fact that these are the key moments when the subconscious mind is most receptive to positive thinking. At these particular times it operates without unwanted interference associated with the negative thoughts of the conscious mind.

This principle works due to the fact that your messages will get through to your subconscious much easier without the mental roadblocks associated with negative thinking. The mind is constantly thinking thoughts and some of these thoughts are counterproductive and negative.The reason why most people encounter problems with the law of attraction is the fact that their conscious mind may be sabotaging their efforts to create a positive reality. This is due to the fact that there is a conflict between the thoughts that are being generated by the conscious mind in relation to the thoughts that are being generated in the subconscious. This causes an unfavorable result whereby positive messages to the subconscious are cancelled out. Therefore, the key to succeeding at the law of attraction is to get both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind on the same page or wavelength of positive thinking. This is the most effect way to create a positive reality. Also, this can increase your chances of achieving your goals as the subconscious principle called the psychological moment is one of the best ways to achieve this objective.