When Is It Time to Utilize Senior Home Care Services?

Senior home care services are a great tool for keeping older adults independent and in their homes. Most people do not want to leave their homes for nursing homes or anyone else’s home for that matter. Companion care aides are a great way to keep older adults in their homes.

If an elderly adult experiences the loss of a partner, it may be the right time to contemplate getting a companion care aide. Many older couples grow dependent on one another so it can be hard adjusting to the changes in daily patterns.. A lot of older partners may have trouble doing what they use to rely on their partner to help them do, whether it is driving, cooking, cleaning, or errands.

Then there is also loneliness to contend with. After living with a partner for many years it can be hard to adjust to being alone. A companion care aide can help take your elderly loved one’s mind off their recent loss, as well as the solidarity that comes with it, and help them move forward. Just having someone around to talk to and help out can make a world of difference.

A companion care aide can also be helpful for an older adult suffering from a medical condition who doesn’t want to move to a full time care facility. Aides can offer medical reminders, transportation to appointments, and other services essential to maintaining well-being as an older adult. Contrary to popular belief, elderly individuals with medical conditions can do fine on their own, provided they have a bit of extra help.

As people get older they find themselves doing less of the things that they once found enjoyable It may take them more time to complete certain tasks or they cannot complete them at all. A companion care aide can really make a difference here. Ideally, they will be paired with a companion who shares their hobbies and interests. Together they can read, do arts and crafts, play games, and even prepare meals.

If you suspect your elderly loved one could benefit from a companion care aide you should bring it up with them. Make sure to note this is not a step towards moving them to a nursing home but rather a tool to help keep them independent.

When choosing an agency, make sure they pay particular attention to selecting an aide that will have a lot in common with your elderly loved one. Make sure the agency has protocols for ensuring appropriate introductions. Be wary of agencies that just send someone to your loved one’s home, without any sensitivity to the needs and preferences of your loved one. Often times home aides and the people they care for develop a close relationship, so you want to set that relationship off on a good start.