Why Should You Undergo Root Canal Therapy?

The dentists manage to save many teeth every year through root canal treatment. Whenever people hear about treatment of the root, they shun because they think it is painful. It is imperative for people to understand the treatment of the root is necessary for the eradication of pain. The dentists can make this procedure easy for you. Get to know the reasons for undergoing root canal treatment.

Biting force

The state of your teeth has an effect on your biting force and sensation. You will not be comfortable chewing hard food substances when there is a pain in the tooth. That will cause discomfort and it might hinder you from enjoying some of your favorite foods. This therapy helps you retain your biting force. Pain from the root will weaken your biting force.

Efficient chewing

The teeth have a very important role in people and animals too. Teeth help in making the digestion process easier. It breaks down food into smaller substances that can be absorbed in the stomach during digestion. Thus, digestion will be more effectual when chewing is efficient. Pains from the root will make chewing difficult. Thus, this treatment will aid in enhancing efficient chewing.

Excessive wear and tear

When a tooth is infected in its root, the pain will make a person avoid chewing food in that area. Thus, he/she will use other remaining teeth for chewing. This will lead to wear and tear of other teeth due to excessive straining in breaking foods. The strain will only end once root canal therapy is administered to the individual. This treatment will completely eliminate the pain.

Natural appearance

Teeth that are extremely damaged either by decay or breaking are salvaged by root canal treatment. This is because the infection resulting to the pain in the roots passes through the crown. The appearance of the tooth will be changed since the crown will have been infected. Root canal treatment includes the setting up of a new crown. Thus, this will retain the natural appearance of your teeth.


Many people always fear the root canal treatment. This is after listening to the process the dentist will use in removing the infected pulp. This treatment is extremely painful when the dentist does not use the anesthetic. Considering the state and comfort of their patients, a local anesthetic will be administered before the process commences. Anesthetic helps in numbing that area, hence making the procedure painless.


The bacteria that are responsible for infecting the root and other tissues will pass through broken or decayed dental crowns. Thus, leaving the crown open will increase the chances of infection. Excess infection of the tooth will result in total removal of the tissues in the tooth. Root canal treatment prevents such occurrences.