Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Modern Dental X-Ray Machines

As a dentist, you want the best for your patients. You will, therefore, do what it takes to provide the best care for them. One way to improve the service you offer your patients is by investing in the latest in dental equipment. This equipment utilizes advanced technology allowing you to serve your patients better and to provide them with effective solutions

One of the equipment changes you should consider is adding the digital dental x-ray equipment. This utilizes computer technology to take radiographic images of your patients’ teeth. You as well as your patients stand to gain a lot from this technology. It works by sending the dental image directly to the computer screen. Here are the reasons why you should take up this technology immediately.

Fast results

The digital dental x-ray provides instant results. The image gets to the screen in seconds. This reduces the waiting time of traditional x-rays that require processing of the images. You are able to diagnose the problem quickly. As for the patient, they do not have to wait long to have their dental issue taken care of. You will be able to serve more patients and thus provide better services in that patients do not have to wait many days to get an appointment with you.

Safe option

The digital x-ray is safer. It utilizes up to 90%lower amounts of radiation when compared with traditional technology. You do not have to put the patients in protective gear. Since the process is very fast, the risk of exposure is even more negligible. You will present a better option for patients who may feel anxious about exposure to radiation. You also no longer have to use the cumbersome bib used to protect against radiation. Your patients will be happier.

Better deriving from information

The digital images allow for better manipulation of the images. You can zoom in, get 3D images, or rotate to view from different angles. You will derive the information you need better using this technology. This will help you to make a better diagnosis, leading to effective solutions and treatment plans. You will also have better images that a patient will understand as you explain what you have seen and what you need to do as treatment.

Increased comfort

The option presents a comfortable experience for your patients. They do not have to sit still for long as the image is taken one take is enough so there is no need to get multiple takes. The process is stress-free for the patients. Children will also have an easier time getting these x-rays done. You will have patients having a more relaxed and anxiety-free experience, something many dental clinics lacked previously.