Tummy Tuck Surgery, the Magical Solution

The norm of beauty has continued to vary over the years, however today more than ever it is apparent that beauty is defined by an aesthetically pleasing and flat abdominal area. For many women this wish seems somewhat unreachable, as ordinary life puts a damper on this dream. From child birth to lack of extra time to go to the gym women around the globe have fallen victims to the unforgiving reality of life.

A tummy tuck surgery is also scientifically referred to as abdominoplasty and it is a procedure which aids in removing excess skin and belly fat. The surgery has been a popular choice for women who have been through a period of weight loss or pregnancy. In most cases patient’s procedures are accompanied by areas of liposuction or a Mommy Make Over. This improves the overall result and appearance of a firm and toned abdominal area.

What to Expect from a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Once the surgery is performed the patient can expect to look and feel like new. Many benefits come from taking this step forward to your dream body. Not only will you look athletic and fitted but additional you will be surrounded by a glow of beauty. This seeming less procedure will have many wondering how you got to have such a flat abdominal area.

Why is this surgery your Magical Solution?

This is an effective procedure used to remove unwanted belly fat or muscles. It has a surprising recovery time of 3-4 weeks

You should are a perfect candidate if:

– You are over all healthy

– Are at a stable weight: less than 30 pounds over your ideal weight

– Have excess abdominal skin or muscle weakness

– Do not have plans on becoming pregnant

– Are properly informed on the procedure

You should not be a candidate if you:

– suffer serious medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes

– Are significantly over your desired weight

– Plan to have children

– Are a smoker

– Are emotionally unstable

Surgical Areas

There are different kinds of incisions practiced, some of these are as explained below.

Complete Tummy Tuck

Complete abdominoplasty is usually executed from hip to hip and it can take the form of a V or an U, so that the scar can be hidden when wearing a bikini. The surgeon will determine the shape and length of the incision according to the patient’s preferences and the amount of correction needed.

Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck surgery is most effective when attempting to get rid of overall abdominal fat, flanks, and back areas. However it leaves a longer scar, but this car can be hidden by most undergarments or bathing suits.

Mini Tummy Tuck

In getting rid of excess abdominal fat in the lower abdomen a mini tummy tuck surgery is effective. When comparing it to the traditional tummy tuck surgery, the line of incision is much shorter and the scarring is very similar to that of a C-section scar. This is a bikini scar and will not be visible when wearing a bikini or underwear.

Side Effects:

Most of the time, the tummy tuck surgery has excellent results. None the less some side effects might be include

– Delayed Wound Healing

– Skin or Fat Necrosis

– Hematoma

– Numbness

– Bleeding