3 Botox Myths That Will Blow Your Mind

Botox is one of the most popular treatments that adults have when it comes to cosmetic procedures, but still there are many misconceptions on what it can and cannot do, there is also confusion on if men or women should use it and the age you should start using Botox. Ultimately only you and your doctor can determine if Botox is good for you, but before we get to that step, let’s get rid of some of the myths that surround Botox.

In this article I will look at the top 3 myths that surround Botox. Hopefully after this article you will know more about Botox and have a better understanding of the treatment, so keep on reading.

Myth number one is something that I hear all the time and that the best time to start using Botox is when your lines first appear, wrong!

The best time to start using Botox in many professionals opinion is before lines appear at all. The reason for this is that if you wait for the lines to etch themselves into your skin then you are fighting a losing battle as your skin has already started to crease causing your lines to become permanent.

The second biggest myth that I hear and probably the most alarming is that as soon as you stop taking Botox injections that your skin will become much worse than before. Now I don’t know why people think this or where they heard it from but it simply isn’t true. If you stop taking Botox injections your skin will not become worse than it was before, it will simply go back to the way it was before you started treatment.

Botox is not permanent so there is no reason why Botox treatment would cause you to look worse than before.

Only women should use Botox is the third and final myth that I have come across on many occasions, and once again this simply isn’t true. Botox will not only work on a woman, that is absurd. Botox is a chemical that relaxes the face, and last time I checked both men and women had faces and muscles. Botox or Bro-tox as it has been nicknamed by men can help both men and women look much younger.

In fact men are starting to get Botox treatment more and more these days, and it’s not your stereotypical pretty boy that is getting it done either, its your everyday man who often isn’t that bothered by his looks but has been convinced by their partner that it could help them look more friendly and welcoming.

Whatever you situation, man or women you should know that Botox is used by millions daily.